What is the Procedure for Carpet Seaming?

Carpet seam repair is a common problem for Brisbane residents. How can you get rid of it? Are you still relying on DIYs and other home remedies? There is a better alternative! Now you can contact the carpet seam repair service provider in Brisbane who conducts the task at an affordable price. However, if you do not want to hire an expert, ensure you have installed the carpet seams properly. This post will help you to learn the step-by-step process of carpet seaming to avoid damage and wrinkles.

Step 1: Purchase Similar Carpets for Your Room

Before beginning the carpet seam repair in Brisbane, it is important to prepare the carpets and the room. The first step is to measure the length and width of the room to determine the number of carpets needed. When purchasing carpets, please make sure you have chosen similar coloured/textured carpets. Otherwise, the seaming will not look good!

Step 2: Cut the Carpets

Next, you should cut the carpets to fit the room, leaving some extra material around the edges. This extra material will be used to join the pieces of carpet together during the seaming process. It is important to ensure that the edges of the carpet are straight to create a seamless appearance once the carpet is seamed together.

Step 3: Prepare the Seaming Tape

The next step is to prepare the seaming tape. It is a double-sided tape that joins the edges of the carpets together. It is an important material in the process, so make sure you have purchased high-quality seaming tape to ensure a strong and durable bond.

Do you know how to apply seaming tape? It is easy- the adhesive side should be under the carpets, ensuring it is positioned close to the edge. You should apply the seaming tape properly, so it remains in the centre between the two edges of the carpets.

Step 4: Cutting the Extra Carpet from the Edge

Once the seaming tape is installed, you have to cut the carpet from the edges so that seams remain even and straight. You should use a sharp knife instead of scissors (many homemakers make this mistake) to ensure a clean and precise cut.

However, you should leave a small gap between the two pieces of carpets to apply the adhesive.

Step 5: Applying the Adhesive

Now it is the most crucial step of carpet seam repair Brisbane. You have to apply the adhesive that ensures a durable bond. Please remember that adhesive should be applied on the seaming tape, ensuring that it covers the entire width of the tape.

Now close the two edges of the carpets and ensure these are aligned correctly before pressing them together to create a strong bond. You can also use a carpet roller to press the two edges firmly.
Step 6: Dry and Finish

Once the carpet seaming process has been finished, it is important to allow the adhesive to dry completely before walking or placing furniture on the carpets. After that, you should maintain the carpets properly. Steam cleaning is essential; if you have a steaming machine, clean the carpets at least once a week. Otherwise, consult an expert for cheap steam cleaning that makes the item durable and stain-free.

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