How To Prevent Carpet Seams From Breaking?

Carpets often experience issues like seam breaking over time. People often hire carpet steam cleaning Brisbane team to prevent any damage. Professionals have expertise in dealing with such issues in a safe and efficient manner.

Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane is one of the leading service providers that offer carpet seam repair services for both residential and commercial complexes in Brisbane. You can rely on their skilled professionals and get the best results in a limited time.

What Causes Carpet Seam Breaking?

Knowing the primary sources of carpet seaming can largely help in reducing this issue and add life to your valuable carpets. Here are some common reasons for carpet seam breaking:

Failure of The Bonding Agent

Seam breaking often happens when the bonding agent holding carpet backing fails. This issue often arises because of factory defects or improper handling of the carpet.

Another cause of weak latex adhesion is poor or improper preparation of the surface. To make sure such an issue never happens, it would be best if your hire a reliable carpet seam repair Brisbane team to perform the installation task in a safe and efficient manner.

Water Damage

Water damage due to flooding and other such incidents can ruin the quality of your carpets. If you leave your valuable textile in the water for a prolonged duration, the latex glue loses its adhesive properties.

Moisture on damp flooring can result in microbial growth that feeds on the latex glue and breaks the seams. In some cases, improper cleaning with excessive water also encourages the bonding material to break down.

Ozone Generators

Sometimes, people use ozone generators in offices and homes to reduce strong odours and treat indoor air pollution. However, ozone does not work very well for carpets and other household items.

When mixed with carpet chemicals, ozone can cause irritation in the lungs. By dissolving the latex, it can break the seams and ruin your carpet.

Saturation to Chemicals

If the chemical you use for carpet cleaning is not properly extracted, it can cause the dissolution of latex. Embedded chemicals in the fibers of your carpet can also cause several health issues.

Pet urine can also compromise latex and backing. The urine composition of dogs, cats, and other pets is acidic at first and later becomes alkaline, causing permanent damage to your carpet. Similar effects can be seen in the case of petroleum-based product spills.

Wear and Tear

Dragging heavy objects and constant heavy foot traffic on the surface of the carpet can also cause seam breaking. Pushing or pulling upholstery can tug on the carpet and result in stretching.

Tips To Prevent Seams From Breaking

Proper carpet installation from reliable and cheap carpet steam cleaning Brisbane team is the key to preventing your valuable carpets from buckling and rippling at a reasonable price.

Here are some expert tips that can help you prevent seams from breaking and save you from spending a hefty amount of money on carpet seam repair services:

Use a dehumidifier to control the humidity of the room and save your carpet from damage.

  • Switching the air conditioning on during the summertime can also help you keep the room less humid and save your carpet seams from breaking due to weak latex.
  • Use an appropriate underpad to make sure the carpet fits perfectly.
  • Let new wall-to-wall carpeting be accustomed according to the surrounding temperature before you hire a carpet seam repair Brisbane team for installation.
  • While cleaning the carpets, make sure they are not over-soaked in the water and detergent for an extended period. To carry out the cleaning task, it would be best if you hire carpet steam cleaning Brisbane team of experts.
  • Avoid grinding your feet on the pivot points.
  • Never push or pull heavy objects across the carpet. It would be best if you lifted the upholstery or used two sheets of sturdy plywood to shift them.
  • Train your pets to urinate and excrete at an assigned spot. It helps prevent them from urinating on the carpet that seeps into the carpet padding and backing.

One should never ignore carpet ripples, as they are a clear indication of carpet seam breaking. We recommend you call the reliable carpet steam cleaning Brisbane team from time to time. Proper maintenance can add life to your valuable carpet.

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