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Water damage carpets can lead to mould growth, which can be a big headache for residents and businesses! If you are facing such an issue, we are here to help you with our advanced tools and industry-grade equipment for urgent water-damaged carpet repair in Brisbane.

Many people neglect mould growth because these are tough to identify, but customers call us when it turns into a catastrophe, and as an expert, we need multiple treatments to restore the carpet water damage. Brisbane technicians take urgent steps to minimise the impact of contamination, especially on wooden furniture, floors and plaster walls. Moisture can damage carpets, that is why experts use moisture detector tools and dehumidifiers to dry the area quickly and avoid further damage.

If you are looking for same-day water-damaged carpet services, please feel free to call Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane  because we are available 24/7, even on public holidays. If you are facing such an issue, please remember you are running against time, so do not waste time. Call us directly and book an express appointment. One of our experts will reach your location within one hour and resolve the issue quickly.

Why choose Metro Carpet Repair for water damaged carpet repair, Brisbane

We are a master carpet restorer and if the carpet is damaged by water, then it should be dealt with utmost urgency to minimize the impact of contamination and damage to the surroundings. Plaster walls, wooden furniture, wooden flooring, board, etc., may get damaged due to the high moisture in the carpets. So, to prevent damage to the materials with hygroscopic property, water damaged carpets should be repaired at the earliest.

Cleaning water damaged carpet is a difficult task, and if you wait for a day or try to clean it by yourself, the situation may get worse.

Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane uses a specific process to provide you satisfactory results for your water damaged carpet. Our technique reduces the risk of bacterial, fungal growth and eliminates the odor and stains.

Common causes for water damages, its categories, and classification

Water damaged carpet can be caused anywhere in a commercial or residential place. Washing machine overflow, wash basin leakage, punctured pipes, floodwater, etc., can cause water damage to your precious carpets. Most of the time, if the issue is ignored it may cause irreversible damage to your property and furniture.

Further, water damage is categorized broadly into three types depending on the source of water.

Water supply lines

The first category is associated with water supply lines such as broken pipes, dishwashers and washing machine malfunction, or sink overflows.


The source of water, which has some degree of contaminants or chemicals that may cause harm to humans, pets, is called greywater. Water discharge from the washing machine, dishwasher, sump, water from toilets, all are categorized as ‘Greywater’ 

Black Water

This category of water carries highly dangerous pathogens, which may cause severe damage to human health. Sewage water, toilet backflow, medical water, seawater, manufacturing water, etc., are categorized under the black water. Further, if the greywater issue is not resolved in two days, it may transform into a black water issue.

Special Situation:

If dangerous materials such as lead, asbestos, arsenic, mercury, etc., are a part of water, then they may require special cleaning measures and treatments.

Class of water damage

The degree of damage is classified as per the rate of evaporation. Before proceeding with the treatment, it is crucial to determine the class of water damage.

Class 1

The rate of evaporation is slow, and the material absorbs less moisture. This kind of issue has little or no effect on the carpet or the underlay.

Class 2

In this scenario, the rate of evaporation is fast. In this class, there can be possible damage to the entire room, carpet, and even the underlay.

Class 3

The rate of evaporation is the fastest, and this type of issue may affect the insulation, wooden structure, electrical circuits, carpets, flooring, etc.

Class 4

This condition is applicable for objects with low porosity, and to dry them, requires very specific humidity and machines.

Metro Water Damage Carpet Repair Brisbane

We are certified carpet restorers and have been providing professional carpet restoration service in Brisbane and its surroundings.

A thorough assessment of the damaged area

First, our technicians identify any health hazards and try to eliminate them. Then, we inspect the affected and non-affected areas with the help of special tools, infra-imaging, and moisture meters.

We also identify the category and class of the water-damaged area. Plus, our technicians are trained to carry out a detailed assessment of the damaged area and its surrounding. Further, they can even identify the degree of contamination caused by the water.

Scope of work and estimated cost

As per the findings, we prepare the best restoration plan for your property. At this stage, our technicians would tell you the estimated cost and duration of cleaning. 

Extracting water from the carpet

Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane uses specialized tools to extract water. Our technicians are experienced and quickly remove water from your wet carpets. This stage is very crucial for effective results, the more water is removed, the faster carpet will dry.

Mould control

Moisture in the carpet may give rise to harmful allergens such as moulds. Moulds tend to grow in damp places and water damaged carpet is an ideal place for them to grow.

We equip the best tools and antimicrobial products to effectively get rid of the mould. Further, we even ensure that the mould does not resurface and cause further damage to your property.

The antimicrobial treatment is once done during the drying stage and later is carried out again after the carpet is completely dried. 

Drying through air-movement and dehumidification

After the water extraction is completed, Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane uses an industrial-grade air mover to disperse the liquid faster and facilitate drying.

Humidifiers are used to remove the moisture from the air, and if required, our technicians may lift the carpet to quickly remove water from the carpets and the underlay.

Stain removal from the damaged carpets

Once the carpet is dried, our skilled technicians remove any stain marks or browning caused by the water residues.

Re-stretching the carpet, if necessary

If our technicians have lifted the carpet, then we would relay and re-stretch the carpet to remove wrinkles and bulges from the carpet.

Continuous moisture monitoring

We continuously monitor the moisture level in the carpet and surrounding, from the beginning to complete drying of the carpets. Our technicians do this to achieve satisfactory results.

Also, we keep the air movers and dehumidifiers running on your property to keep a check on moisture levels. Further, our technicians confirm the drying is complete only after the instruments confirm that all affected areas are restored.

Steam cleaning the carpet with antimicrobial products

For deep cleaning, we steam clean the flooded carpet with antimicrobial products to keep the remaining allergens at bay and remove the stench.

Final Report

Once your water damaged carpets are restored, our technicians provide you a detailed report of the work, which can be shared with the insurance companies for claims.

Get the best Water damaged carpet repair, Brisbane, with just a call.

If you got your carpets wet due to any reason, do not ignore them, the issue might get severe. Call our professional, experienced master carpets restores to safely restore your damaged carpet.


1. Is it possible to clean carpets after water damage?

It is possible to leave behind some water or detergent after you clean your carpets. Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane uses the best tools and machines to restore your damaged carpets. We ensure that the carpets and their surrounding are completely dried off before leaving your premises.

2. What to do if the carpet got wet due to a water leak?

Water damaged carpet repair is very complicated to clean, and if it is left ignored, the problem may get severe. Call us now to get your water damaged carpet repair Brisbane.

3. Can water stains be removed from the carpet?

Yes! Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane uses best-in-market products to remove the stain marks on the water damaged carpet. Call us now to know more about our services.

4. Does a wet carpet dry on its own?

It would take at least 24-hours for a carpet to dry on its own, the duration to dry may vary depending on humidity, amount of water soaked, the material of the carpet, etc. Call Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane to effectively dry the wet carpets.

5. Is carpet mold dangerous?

Moulds can increase the risk of allergies in young and old. It may cause a runny nose, headache, rashes, burning sensation in the eyes, etc. Thus, it is advised to repair your water damaged carpets at the earliest. Call us to book an appointment.

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