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Welcome to Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane, your one-stop-shop for all your carpet issues in Brisbane and its surroundings. We have been known to offer reliable and compatible solutions for carpet seam repair. Brisbane accounts from more seam repair traffic and our technicians are knowledgeable, trained to meet this high work demand.

There are multiple reasons why the seam comes out from the edges. Our technicians identify the issue accurately and offer you the best seam repair service. If these carpet seams are not repaired at the earliest then the issue may aggravate and damage the whole carpet. So, do not panic if you got frayed seams, call us today to get the best-in-market carpet seam repair Brisbane service.

Our Services

Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane has created a reputation by offering budget-friendly carpet repair services in Brisbane and its surrounding. Our technicians are trained to cater to any carpet issues, big or small. Further, we have specialists to handle carpet seam issues. Further, below is the list of our services:

Trimming and cutting the seams of the carpet as per the requirements

Affixing the carpet seams using the appropriate seam repair methods

Stretching and re-stretching the carpets

Our technicians are trained to get your frayed carpet back to its original condition. Once our technicians are done with the job, you can clearly see the difference. Our seam repair work is done promptly, maintaining high-quality and efficiency in every job we do.

In the case of carpet seam splitting, our technicians measure the area of the split seam and adjoin the carpet tape. Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane provides comprehensive solutions to all sorts of carpet seam issues on time.

Professional carpet repair services are just a call away!

Frayed carpets spoil the image of your space and show that they need proper attention. Sometimes, people trip over the carpet and hurt themselves. Thus, it is necessary to restore the old carpets at the earliest to avoid possible health hazards.

Same Day Carpet Seam Repair Services

Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane offers you world-class seam repair service, and we are dedicated to offering you the best service by giving attention to your carpet issues. We even offer same-day and emergency carpet seam repair service to our clients in Brisbane and its surroundings.

Methods employed for carpet seam repair Brisbane

Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane uses the best tools and technique to restore you old frayed carpets and make them as good as new. Our technicians are trained and have vast knowledge to effectively remove all carpet issues. Below is the list of two methods that our knowledgeable technicians use to repair carpet seam in your office/home:

Sealing Tape:

Carpets are valuable and delicate, thus the first thing that our technicians employ to resolve frayed carpet seams is by the use of sealing tapes. Sealing tapes are made of fabric and perfectly stretch frayed seams. This process is carried out to fix the piece of carpet that sticks out and might become tough to resolve by you. Our carpet seam repair technicians precisely measure the carpet, to estimate the tape required for it. Later, they pull the carpet a bit to provide space and then attached the tape to adjoin the carpet to the flooring.

Glue Gun:

This is the second method used to repair your frayed seams. In this method, the glue gun affixes carpet seams using the hot glue gun, hence you need to handle the machine very carefully. You can fix the seam if you have a scope of getting the material away from the carpet.

Why choose us for Carpet Seam Repair Brisbane?

Same-day effective service

Available throughout the year, even on public holidays and weekend

Emergency services

Licensed and certified technicians

100% fabric-friendly products

Complete customer satisfaction

Affordable carpet repair service

Guaranteed Carpet Seam Repair Brisbane

You have our word of honor, and we give you our guaranteed high-quality service. Call us now and get a free on-call quotation for your work.


1. Do professionals restore the ripped carpet seam?

Yes! Professionals do restore the ripped carpet seams. Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane is an expert in repairing damaged carpet seam.

2. How much does it cost for carpet seam repair?

Repairing carpet seam may look like a costly job, but if you call us, then we can provide you high-quality carpet seam repair at the most affordable price.

3. Is it possible to avoid carpet seams?

With professional carpet repair companies, you can make the carpet seams less visible. It is impossible to completely avoid carpet seams, but we can make them as invisible as possible.

4. Who to call to repair carpet seam in Brisbane?

Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane has been providing unmatched results for few decades. Call us to know more about our services.

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