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Colourful carpets decorate the residential and commercial premises. If you have invested such an amount in decorating your premises, you need to maintain them properly. Lack of maintenance may lead to wrinkles, patches, stains, holes and dark spots that deteriorate the aesthetic quality. It will affect the bottom line if you are in the hospitality industry. Do not take such a risk! Whether you need our service for residential or business needs, please call us and avail our same-day service for carpet wrinkle and carpet restretching repair. Brisbane experts are available 24/7 in your locality.

At Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane, we understand the need for proper carpet installation and maintenance to make the product long-lasting and durable. Our state-of-the-art technologies and tools help to detect carpet issues and provide carpet restretching repair and cleaning.

Do you know carpets receive the maximum foot traffic on your premises? If you are still relying on regular home remedies to maintain your carpets, switch to our advanced rug repair in Brisbane that not only makes your carpets long-lasting but also maintains the standard hygiene in your premises

At Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane, we ensure the safety of all the people and thus we never use detergents or harmful chemicals for restretching the carpets. Further, harsh chemicals can even spoil the carpet. Besides, washing your carpet is going to degrade the quality of the rug and thus it is advised to never wash the carpets. Unlike other carpet repair companies, we use the latest tools and techniques to effectively stretch and revitalize your carpets.

At Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane, we believe that a world-class home starts with an elegant, clean carpet. Further, you too can achieve this world-class abode with just a call. So, call us on 0480022509 , and we are always happy to offer you a high-quality cleaning service.

Our 7-step approach to repair and restretch carpet

Dry Soil Vacuuming

Our technicians first try to remove the dry and loosen particles that are detached from your precious carpet.


Once the dry vacuuming is completed, our technicians move to the next step that is steaming. Here, we hot steam to remove the oily and greasy stains. Due to hot steaming, the oil, grease starts to come off the carpet easily.

Wrinkle removal

No one likes wrinkles on their carpets as it reduces the quality of your décor. Our skilled technicians remove wrinkles by carefully reinstalling and restretching your carpet.


It is very important to remove even the tiniest dust particle from the carpet, and to achieve this, our technicians lightly moisten the carpet with a dwell time of 10-15 minutes. By doing this, we successfully remove the embedded dust on the carpet.


Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane uses the best techniques to restretch your valuable carpet. Our technicians are trained to effectively carry out seaming, layout, and hauling to give you the best results.

Hot water extraction

To make your carpets as good as the day they were laid out, our professional technicians clean your carpet with hot water steam, which loosens the soil embedded, Further, this dirt is extracted by the use of a single wave rod.

Fiber Grooming

The final step in our 7-step approach is grooming the fiber. Our technicians carefully groom the carpet fiber, allowing them to stand up and take less drying time.

The best carpet restretching repair Brisbane

Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane is always ready and happy to offer you the best cleaning service. Call us today and ask for an obligation-free quotation. Further, we are available 24×7, so if you have any carpet issues, call us, we will take care of it.


1. Do professionals tighten carpets?

If you are tired of lumpy, loose carpets, then Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane can help you get rid of them in just a couple of hours. We are experienced and can fit, trim, and restretch your old carpet to make them look as good as new.

2. Is it required to do carpet re-stretching?

Carpet restretching extends the life of the carpet and it even decreases the chances of tripping over the bundle of carpets. Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane uses a carpet kicker to carefully restretch your old carpet.

3. Do technicians remove wrinkles from wall-to-wall carpets?

Yes! Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane can effectively remove bulges from the wall-to-wall carpet using the latest tools and techniques. Call us to book an appointment.

4. Is it possible to remove furniture dents from the carpet?

Yes! The technicians from Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane are trained and experienced in removing furniture dents from the carpet. Call us to get an obligation-free quotation or to book an appointment.

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