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Carpets receive the maximum foot traffic, especially during business hours, so you need to hire an expert for carpet maintenance and carpet stretching service. Our specialist teams are available in your locality to maintain the standard look and hygiene of your premises through carpet repair and cleaning. Whether you need our service for businesses or residential purposes, we are ready to provide services even in the remote areas of Brisbane.

At Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane, we also offer wrinkles, holes, patches and torn repairs services that make your rugs long-lasting and durable with minimum trimming. Our state-of-the-art technologies, advanced tools and cleaning products offer far better results than regular home remedies and DIYs. If you are still relying on DIYs because these are inexpensive, switch to our affordable carpet restretching in Brisbane.

Whether you need regular rug maintenance or a one-time carpet repair service, please feel free to call us directly. One of our specialist teams will reach your location and offer same-day service even on weekends and public holidays

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Rippled carpet

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Stretch Carpets

Need for Carpet Re-stretching Brisbane

Over time, due to routine usage, carpets tend to loosen up, and bulges are visible throughout the flooring. Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane re-stretches your old carpets and removes waves, air pockets, and improves the appearance of them. We not only offer expert re-stretching but even provide excellent seam repairs, burn spot removal, hole removals, and new carpet installation.

The re-stretching method is employed to remove the bulges, wrinkles and tighten the carpet. This technique even prolongs the life of the carpet by eliminating wrinkles, which damage the fabric and may cause the carpet to wear more quickly, as a result of constant bending and stretching of carpet. Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane can help you resolve this issue and even reduce the risk of tripping over the bundle of carpets. Call us now to book an appointment!

Further, the objective of re-stretching is to prevent premature wear, decreasing chances of tripping, extend the carpet’s life, and improve the appearance of the carpet as much as possible.

Carpet Re-stretching Brisbane

Most people describe carpets as wrinkled and wavy, but the correct term for this condition is ‘fullness’. This can be rectified by re-stretching the rug with a professional carpet lifter.

Professional Carpet lifting involves pulling the carpet around the edges and carrying out the carpet stretching with the use of a knee kicker carpet stretcher. Later, the rug is adjusted, fitted in the right place, and the surplus carpet is trimmed off.

Carpet Power Stretching

Wall-to-wall carpet fitting makes your home, office comfy, and it even offers better comfort to your feet. Further, it provides noise reduction in your residential and commercial places. When you call Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane for a wall-to-wall carpet installation, our technicians use several techniques to effectively install carpet in your home/office.

Carpet Power Stretching is one of the most opted carpet installation techniques. Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane uses world-class technology to perfectly fit your new carpet. This technique makes your carpet look neat and beautiful. Plus, the other advantage of this technique is that it can fit perfectly into the designed pattern in your home/office.

Carpet Re-Stretching

Even the carpets that are cleaned regularly tend to loosen up from daily wear and tear. Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane understands the changes in the carpets and it offers expert solutions to beautify your abode/offices. Further, by re-stretching carpet Brisbane, you even reduce the risk of tripping by the bundle of carpets.

Expert Carpet Re-stretching just a call away!

Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane will come to your abode and effectively remove bulges, ripples from the carpet and reduces the chances of any tripping hazards. We use a world-class power stretching machine to properly fit your carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can carpet stretching remove wrinkles and ripples in the carpet?

Yes! With routine usage, carpets tend to get wrinkles and ripples, carpet re-stretching can help restore your carpet and make it good as new.

2. What are the benefits of hiring a professional to re-stretch the carpet?

Professional carpet repair companies are certified and have years of experience in dealing with various carpet issues. Call Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane to effectively restore your carpets.

3. How much does it cost to re-stretch carpet?

Re-stretching carpet is not a costly job. Call Metro Carpet Repair Brisbane to re-stretch the carpet at the most affordable price.

4. How to prepare the home before re-stretching?

You don’t have to do anything before. Once you call us, our technicians will move the furniture and complete the re-stretching job.

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